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This guide is the perfect PDF to download and start using ASAP to send to your brides a week before their wedding day!

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A guide to send to your brides

+ A simple guide that you can start sending to your brides as soon as you purchase

+ A universal guide that you are more than welcome to use however you wish (without sending to other photogs though please!! :) )

If you're having trouble getting all the “getting ready” details on the day of a wedding, then this guide solves that problem really fast! Setting your expectations with your brides as early as you can is a great way to help you have a smoother wedding day - and this guide really helps settle all the chaos upon starting to shoot a wedding day. I send this out to my brides on the week of their wedding, and it is the perfect tool to help you get everything you need in a timely manner on a wedding day!

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