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This guide is a 43 page education rich guide for the new beginners who have already, or are considering starting, their own wedding photography business! Consider this the all-inclusive basic guide to educating you on basic skills, and preparing you for your business before you dive in.

This guide is a basic resource to get you on your feet and touches on multiple important topics. I recommend it for beginners just starting out who are looking to know more about everything they need to learn to get started, or for any photographers that are curious about how I run my business. :) 

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+ Manual camera settings 
+ Photo composition 
+ Shooting in different lighting 
+ Wedding day gear 
+ What to be ready on Shoot Day 
+ Timeline recommendations for clients

+ How to price yourself 
+ How to Edit in Lightroom 
+ Business & Marketing strategies 
+ SEO and Social Media tips!
+ Accounting
+ Client care and MORE!

We’ll cover things like

Inside this guide, 

okay, gimme it!

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